Enfranchisement is the process of purchasing the freehold by a leaseholder, or of a leaseholder being able to extend the length (term) of that lease. 

Eyesurvey have many years experience in assisting property owners in buying the freehold of their building or extending the lease on the property. This process can be completed for both domestic and commercial property. This is why it is essential to seek professional advice from the start.

There are financial implications in changing any legal basis of a property, the process itself incurs costs and the results can affect the value of the property in the long term. 

The area of residential leasehold enfranchisement is becoming ever more complicated with the growing number of legal cases and reforms in recent years. Leaseholders these days are becoming more and more aware of their rights, largely due to the wealth of information now available on the internet. 

It is imperative though that professional advice is sought from a surveyor experienced in leasehold enfranchisement as the sheer weight of information available can make getting to a clear and concise course of action impossible.


Eyesurvey are aware of the potential legal issues and rights of both parties and can assist you in navigating the legislation and negotiating on your behalf. If you are looking to extend your lease or you are looking to purchase the freehold of your lease, please call us today.